The Fine Print

Please dress your child in play clothes. Watch out for long sleeves and hair left down. If you wish, you may send your child to class with a smock or old shirt to wear over his/her clothes. We also have aprons available in the studio.

Your child may not bring home a new piece of art after each class. Some projects may need drying time, or may take more than one class session to complete. Remember that sometimes the process is more important than the final product.

Full payment for each session is required by first class. If you miss a class and give 24 hours notice, the fee for that class day will be credited toward a future session. Classes may be canceled if minimum enrollment is not met.

There is flexibility with ages groups listed for classes. If your child is advanced, cannot make a certain day of the week, or siblings would like to attend class together, please contact me to discuss scheduling. 

Please do not bring food/snacks to art class. Some children may have allergies.


Renée Collins
Phone: 908-889-9586

"If we removed all the art in the lives of our children,
there is no way that
adding more math,
increasing more reading,
requiring more science,
mandating more foreign language,
or scheduling more computer courses
could replace what they would have lost."– Unknown