Joyful Matisse Collage by Addison (age 5)

The Dot Painting/Print by Gisella (age 5)

Lines That Wiggle Monster by Brianna (age 5)

Kimono Collage by Jessica (age 8)

Moai Sculpture by Rachel (age 12)
Astroboy Drawing by Woody (age 11)

Zen Panda by Victoria (age 6)

Picasso Portrait by Maggie (age 10)

Fauvist Landscape by Lily (age 6)

Bubble Letter Name by Yustina (age 12)

Race Car Painting by Will (age 7)

 Folk Art Jug by Emma (age 9)

 Flower Field Drawing by Julia (age 11) 

Manga Mood Drawing by Yustina (age 11)

Cake Collage by Megan (age 8)

Owl Collage by Alexandra (age 9)

Seascape Print by Tristan (age 5)

Castle and Sun Painting by Lily (age 9)

William the Hippo by Amelia (age 7)

Potato Print Pattern by Tessa (age 5)

Koi Pond Collage by Will (age 7)

 Navajo Storyteller by Chelsey (age 5)

Blue Willow Plate by Rachel (age 10)

Cupcake Sculpture by Sophie (age 3)

Gumball Machine by Charlotte (age 4)

Blue Dog by Macy (age 7)

Tree of Life by Thomas (age 8)

Sunflower Weaving by Michaela (age 12)

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"Learning through the arts reinforces critical academic skills in reading, language arts and math and provides students with the skills to creatively solve problems."
– First Lady Michelle Obama